If you’re still not sure whether you’ll get anything out of a day’s flatttrack training, have a look at some of the customer feedback we’ve had over the last few years. They haven’t been doctored in any way (as you can tell by the spelling and grammar on some of them), so that either means everyone has enjoyed themselves or those who haven’t didn’t let us know – we hope it’s the former!

There are also links to some magazine write ups, which give more detail on how the days run and the overall experience, all written by respected journo’s obviously! Read on….

Customer Feedback

Hello I would like to thank you all for the excellent day I had on Saturday the 27th. I had a really good time and was really impressed with whole experience from the welcome in the morning to the constant advice and feedback from the experts. Needless to say I haven’t stopped grinning and telling anyone who’ll listen about it.
Thank you once again.
Stuart Robertson

Just wanted to say thanks to all involved in the training school yesterday. I learned a ton and had a crazy amount of fun doing it… For more feedback please click here.



If a passing stranger informed you that this time next week you could be sliding a motorcycle round corners like Nicky Hayden in the off season, you’d write him off as a dangerous lunatic.

Well, I am that lunatic. Because I am telling you, here and now, that anyone can learn the basics of this ultra-cool skill within about ten minutes. I have just watched 12 ordinary riders do exactly that (one of them was me). It was safe, affordable and ridiculously good fun. Best of all, it happened indoors. For rest of article click here MCN


Reviews — 8 Comments

  1. Hi- I just want to say a big thank you for the brilliant day I had on Saturday 23rd of april doing Level 1. From starting at ten ,to finishing at around 5 ,going through all the drills,having a blast riding around the course ,to say I had a blast is a massive under statement. I shall definitely be back and if you are reading this and you are unsure whether to book it I would say it has to be one of the most fun,value for money bike courses I have attended with Peter,Adam and George being top class instructors.Thanks again

  2. Hi guys thanks for a great day,all be it a bit humbling.Thats a good thing by the way,I think everyone that thinks their a bit on a bike should have a go at this…Loved it,great instruction and demos from Pete,Glynn& Tim and also a big thanks to Jackie for making people feel welcome,and informed…

  3. A big thank you to all at the flat track school,a small group of us had a fab time on sat 6th August, we learnt great skills but more importantly we had a great day and all had big grins on our faces….

    We will definitely be back for another go, that is when we can all walk straight, our left legs are a bit tender today.

    Great skill to learn if your back end steps out

  4. Thanks Pete, Glynn, Jackie and Dave for a fantastic day. Definitely plan to return & reinforce your teachings. Having a safe supervised environment along with proper advice from seasoned professionals was great. Being a road rider, my “skills” are all about retaining traction so this was an awesome change I cant wait to repeat!

  5. Wow!,what a fantastic day my mate Rob and i have just had.It couldn’t have been more friendly,exciting,informative and all round great fun.Even though it was a level one training day,once we had our morning of general introduction and instruction,we were soon allowed to explore our bounderies by having the track formation changed meaning at no point did we get bored and spent the whole afternoon adrenaline fueled and having fun.No doubt in my mind we will booking up for level two in the near future.Many many thanks to everyone at Champions for making it a truly special day.

  6. I attend Champions Flat Track whenever possible and cannot express enough how much I have learned and how much fun I have. The sessions fly over and no matter how tired I feel I never want them to end. A massive thank you to Peter and Jackie and the marshals. You run fabulous sessions.

  7. What a fantastic day, I would recommend the Flat track school to anyone who enjoys two wheel. The first thing that you realise is how friendly Pete and the whole team are, we was greeted with a warm welcome and a hot cup of coffee.
    Once on the bikes in smaller groups their is no pressure and all the help you need to get you going, by the end of the day you have learnt a bunch of whole news skills.
    Thanks to Jackie, Pete, our personal instructor for the day Adam and Geoff for an unforgettable day.
    See you again very soon

  8. HI. I attended the level 1 course on Saturday January 6th and just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone there who made it a great day out. I was amazed how quickly we all achieved the technique by having it broken down bit by bit till we were all charging round the circuit almost profressionaly. Having slept well after and despite my leg being a bit tired I was out at home on my bike the next day roaring round to reinforce what I’d learnt, although the trails tyres (and the lawn) are going to have to go or maybe I might have a look for a cbr 125 which I was hugely impressed with. Very hooked, I’ll be back.

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